Payroll Services

We can refer you to a Payroll Services specialist.  Payroll Services provide insightful and innovative options for your bottom-line success. Payroll Services help take the work, the hassles, and many of the risks out of your business day – to leave you more time to focus on the issues that matter.


Payroll Service…

  • Calculates, files, deposits, and reconciles your federal, state and local taxes – Social Security, Medicare, FUTA … even your State Unemployment Insurance Premiums.
  • Shields you from tax penalties by taking responsibility for accuracy and on-time filing. If you ever receive a tax penalty due to an error on our part, we pay the penalty.
  • Prepares and submits all returns and reconciliation reports as required by federal, state and local tax agencies.
  • Handles the federal mandates for new hire reporting.
  • Allows you to make your business and excise tax payments via the telephone – helping you comply with Electronic Funds Transfer Processing Service (EFTPS) federal mandates.
  • Provides free checking accounts to your employees.


Additional benefits to give your business even more:

  • Tax Service
    Deposit your payroll taxes, and file quarterly and annual estimates and payments.
  • New Hire Reporting
    Ensures government compliance for new hires, insulating you from potential penalties.
  • Unemployment Claims
    Provides assistance in filing unemployment claims to lower state unemployment rates, saving you money.
  • Direct Deposit
    Save time for your employees by electronically transferring pay into their bank accounts.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking
    Saves you time by automating the collection and processing of time cards and scheduling.
  • Employment Screening
    Our service performs background checks on applicants.
  • HR Help Desk
    Available to answer your HR questions via phone or by the Internet.
  • Check Signing and Sealed Envelopes
    Reduce administrative time and expense, while protecting against check fraud.