In The Community

In the Community

The heart of our success at North Valley Bancorp is our ability to differentiate ourselves from a field of ever-increasing competitors.

Financial performance and unparalleled customer service are two of those differentiators. The third is our corporate citizenship, strengthening our communities through community development and philanthropic investment.

It is our desire to achieve our mission of being a positive corporate citizen through three major initiatives: Volunteer Support, Financial Support, and Building Community Awareness.


Volunteer Support

We seek to provide non-profit organizations that are currently serving the community with a reliable source of volunteers. NVB employees will be encouraged to support non-profit and community organizations through volunteerism.


Financial Support

North Valley Bank has had a long history of supporting the communities it serves with financial aid. We will continue this long tradition and ensure that it compliments our Volunteer Support efforts.


Building Community Awareness

We will make a strong effort to bring awareness of various community issues. Such causes include community improvement, youth & education needs and healthcare issues.


Donation Request Guidelines

Please work with your local branch in your community to submit your donation request. Donation requests over $250 will be reviewed by our Community Relations Team to meet the bank's support criteria. 

If you need more information, please click here to contact the NVB Community Relations Team.